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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Copyright and Data Protection

The contents of this website without any restrictions are subjected to all laws and regulations which serve to protect copyrights (pictures, texts, animations, audio and video materials). In case of necessity individual objects could be copied or changed for private or commercial use if permission is obtained before that. Please you can contact us when necessary via ask-docta[@]ask-docta[dot]com

Manunga Publishing doesn't take liability for the contents of linked internet sites. We aren’t obliged to check the contents of linked internet sites. The responsibility lies completely with the owners of such sites. Moreover we want to stress on the point that we are in no way associated with the contents of any linked sites, no matter from where the link arises. We also like to emphasize on the point that we have no influence whatsoever on the contents of linked sites. Should we learn about derogatory or criminal contents of a linked site, we shall promptly terminate the link.

Use of cookies

Whenever you visit our website we make use of small text programs which we install on your hard disk to monitor your web activities on our site. These are called cookies. It enables us to adapt our web presence according to the like and dislikes of our visitors. Should in case you don’t agree with that, please do inform us. You can as well program your browser such that it doesn’t accept our cookies. Unfortunately we can’t guarantee that you would in such a case still be able to use all our services fully.

Collection and Processing of personal data

In order to fully use some of our services it is necessary that you register first. To that effect we request certain personal information from you including your name, your postal and your email addresses. In order to comply fully with restrictions relating to the protection of minors it could be necessary to ask your date of birth too. All the information that you give are of your free will. All the personal data that you give us are for internal use only. On no occasion would we pass on any of your data to third parties without your consent. An exception though would be if we are obliged by law to do so. Besides we would never use your data for any other reason apart from those for which they were made in the first place. If you permit us to do so, we could use your data for advisory services, advertisement and market research. It’s always yours to determine whatever should be permitted with your personal data with Manunga Publishing, even to have them deleted completely. Unfortunately we can’t guarantee that you would in such a case still be able to use all our services fully.

Right of information

If you do so wish you can ask to know of any information that Manunga Publishing might be storing on you. If necessary please feel free to contact us at ask-docta[@]ask-docta[dot]com In order to reduce any abuse we strongly recommend that you use the same email address that you used when registering with Ask Docta & Manunga Publishing.