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  • Introduction to Ask Docta

    Introducing “Ask dokta!”

    “Ask Docta!” is an innovative program by the Cameroonian born General Surgeon, Dr. med. Emmanuel Anyangwe Ngassa. The idea is fairly simple. With “Ask Docta!” Dr. Anyangwe Ngassa introduces a new instrument for executing the task of educating the general public on medicine and health care thereby taking efforts one step further by using the most powerful language available to most West Africans, namely Pidgin English, on the one hand and the every growing medium of the internet on the other hand. By default “Ask Docta!” or ask the doctor in English aims at reaching people of all works of life independent of their education level. Although the videos are in Pidgin English, all feedbacks from the general public can be done in Pidgin English, English, French, German and Italian.

    Manunga Publishing
    Neuseesen, 12.10.2014

    Madam and massa dem ashia oh!

    Pikin dem ashia oh!
    Ah di salot wunna all!

    Me ah be na Dr. Anyangwe Ngassa. Today ah di glad plenty plenty for seka sey ah get good news for wunna. Sick ih no sabbi friend. All man fit fall sick but nobi all man di suffer di same way even if dem get di same sick.

    Why ih be so?

    Some important question for ask na sey, ih must be so? Why ih be sey plenty sick pippo dem di die even from simple sick dem?

    Ignorance na some big big problem! If wunna go check for all corner for internet wunna go notice sey no book and no film dem no dey wey dem di teach pippo about different different kind sick dem for Pidgin English. Plenty pippo dem for West Africa for contri dem like Naija, Sierra Leone, Gambia, Liberia, Ghana and Kamalloon dem di tok and understand Pidgin English pass grammar. Still plenty plenty book dem for merecine dey na only for English or some other white man contri tok. How many we people dem di die like fowl, just because dem no sabbi anything wey ih concern their sick. Me Dr. Anyangwe Ngassa ah dong tire di palava too much. Na yi wey ah dong decide sey dat ting must stop! As from now day dong break! Dat time dong pass wey way for get information wey ih concern sick dem and di kana merecine for use’am or di kana way for treat’am be be na only for pippo wey dem get money or sabbi book. As from today if you need any information about sick, just ask dokta!

    Every new episode for “Ask docta!” go treat at least one particular sick. Me and ma team for Manunga Studio go di take wunna question dem go see some specialist for dat field and then ask yi for answer di question for Pidgin English. If di doctor no sabbi for tok Pidgin English me ah go translate di thing wey ih tok for Pidgin English. “Ask dokta!” go di answer question for sick palava from any person. All wunna need for do na for contact we for and then press the contact button for “Ask Docta!”
    Di email address di show for wunna screen now.

    So ma contri pippo dem make wunna start di tell tell all wunna family and friend dem. Ah make “Ask docta!” na for wunna! Na we own ting! Information na power. Man wey ih get information ih get power. Oya make wunna start di tune in for watch Ask docta!

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